Bangkok Traffic Love Story’s Quotes

what if you have a boyfriend but he’s not available to eat with you,

he doesn’t have time to go anywhere with you,
then what’s the use in having boyfriend,
if we’re not together then how can we call each other boyfriend and girlfriend? (Mei Li)

people don’t have boyfriend or girlfriend to be together all the time
they have them to know that there’s still someone who loves them (Ped)

I feel lonely (Mei Li)

17 pemikiran pada “Bangkok Traffic Love Story’s Quotes

  1. ayanapunya said: Ayo ditonton, mba πŸ˜€

    Iya pengen kalau ada waktu luang. Teman2 sering cerita kalau film2 Asia dari Thai dan Korea itu ceritanya bagus-bagus. Insha ALLAH ya… *nyari DVD dan waktu πŸ˜€

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