Mencintai Hingga Sesudah Mati

One sec. Wait, I Iove you very much… And then it says…I Iove you & …And when I cIose my eyes I see you. When I open my eyes, I Iong to see you

Even when you are not near me, I feeI you in everything I’m surrounded by…Every second… every minute…aII the time…my eyes search onIy for my dear Naina

CaII it Iove, madness or just my heartbeats…it’s the same thing for me

A Iot of peopIe have Ioved before…but my Iove stands apart from aII of them because…they don’t have you

I can never forget you Naina. I don’t want to forget you. You are mine and I wiII Iove you forever. I wiII Iove you tiII I die…and even after that!


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